Firetalk — Free Plan

As many of you have noticed, big changes are underway at Firetalk. We’ve been working hard to implement a system that will offer our features most effectively to broadcasters at all levels, covering all topics. Today, we begin a new chapter!

We are excited to introduce the new Free Plan, Firetalk’s free services option. Visit our blog for information about paid plans.

Please direct all questions and special access requests to our Zendesk Help Center.

Free Plan Features:

  • 10 Hours Free Broadcast — All free users can broadcast up to 10 hours each months. Broadcasts will feature a countdown timer so that hosts can keep an eye on their time. At the end of 10 hours within one month, the broadcast will end.
  • 10 Concurrent Viewers — Free broadcasts can support up to 10 concurrent viewers per stream. If there are already 10 viewers on a stream, other viewers must wait until a viewer already watching drops off the stream.
  • 1 Guest — The Free Plan supports 1 Guest and the host (two simultaneous on-screen streams).
  • No Archives — The Free Plan does not support archiving, episode recording, or replays.
  • No Screen Share — The Free Plan does not support screen sharing.
  • No Tip Jar — The Free Plan does not provide Tip Jar capabilities for hosts.
  • Paid Events — The Free Plan users may schedule paid events only, with a minimum ticket price of $1.00US.

Upgrade your Firetalk plan by visiting your channel settings and scrolling down to the section titled “Premium Options.” For assistance or questions, please visit our Help Center.