Firetalk — Enterprise Plan

We are excited to introduce Firetalk’s Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger entities looking for large scale, personalized service. Please contact for a quote and more information.

Enterprise Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Broadcasting — The Enterprise Plan features unlimited broadcasting (no monthly time limit).
  • Unlimited Concurrent Viewers — Enterprise broadcasts can support unlimited concurrent viewers in a stream.
  • 3 Guests — The Enterprise Plan supports 3 Guests and the host (four simultaneous on-screen streams).
  • Episode Archiving — The Enterprise Plan supports archiving, both for channel episode recordings and event replays.
  • Screen Sharing — The Enterprise Plan supports screen sharing via the Firetalk Screen Sharing extension (Chrome and Firefox).
  • Tip Jar — The Enterprise Plan allows a host to receive direct and supplemental support from viewers via the Tip Jar.
  • Free or Paid Events — All paid plan users (including Enterprise Plan) may schedule free or paid events, with a minimum ticket price of $1.00US for paid events.
  • *HD Encoder Feeds — The Enterprise Plan can support high definition software or hardware encoder feeds.
  • *Producer Feature — The Enterprise Plan offers producer capability for channel broadcasts.
  • *Embedding — The Enterprise Plan offers embedding capability for streams.

*Starred features are unique to the Enterprise Plan

Upgrade your Firetalk plan by visiting your channel settings and scrolling down to the section titled “Premium Options.” For assistance or questions, please visit our Help Center.