Firetalk Features: Screen Sharing

Firetalk is excited to bring you our newest feature, Screen Sharing! Screen Sharing makes it easy to share a website, file or external application with your live viewers. This feature is great for webinars, tutorials, process work, and more, without the hassle of secondary programs. Screen Sharing is available for Chrome and Firefox.

To use the Firetalk Screen Sharing feature in your broadcasts, you must add the browser extension. To do this:

  • Visit the Chrome and/or Firefox extension stores and search for “Firetalk Screen Sharing” to add directly from the store.
  • Go live on your channel or event, click the “Screen Share” button above the player and get sharing!

Once you have added the Screen Sharing extension to your browser, you can share a tab or your whole screen with your viewers. Simply click the “Screen Share” button above your player to select your content.


redo5If you do not see content you wish to share, try maximizing the window in which that content exists, or share your whole screen.

Once you begin Screen Sharing, your face cam will appear in the bottom right corner of the broadcasting screen. Viewers can see you and your shared screen!redo1

You can also use Screen Sharing when you have a Guest live on air with you. Both of your windows will appear in the lower right corner.redo3

When you are finished sharing your screen or want to show something new, click the x in the upper right corner of the player to dismiss the shared screen and return to full face cam view.redo4

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