Firetalk Features: Pay-Per-View Events

Pay-Per-View Events allow you to host live broadcasts for any type of gathering. Live stream conferences, demonstrations, office hours, and concerts for a fee as low as $1, and keep up to 80% of revenues earned. All with no upfront fees!

Schedule an Event

To schedule an event, go to and log in or create an account. You will need to create a channel as well if this is your first time broadcasting. Then, choose your event type: Pay-Per-View or Free Event.

Please Note: Free Events are not available for all users. If you think your production or show would benefit from a Free Event format, please visit our Help Desk for more information.
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Connect to Stripe

Pay-Per-View events require you to connect to Stripe, our payments partner. After filling out their simple form, you will be able to receive payments for your events. Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.35.06 AM.png


Create an Event Flyer

Once you choose your event type, fill out the Event Details, including date, time, ticket price, and event capacity. Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.30.50 PM.png

You can include a YouTube video or playlist to play on the flyer until the event begins, much like a playlist on your channel. You can edit event details up to twenty four hours before start time. All events are capped at 90 minutes and 500 people. If you need to host an event with larger capacity or longer time, please email

Pre-Event Access and Sharing

Scheduled events appear at the top of your homepage for easy access when logged in to your Firetalk account.

Click anywhere on the event card to open that event’s flyer. As the host, this page will show you everything an attendee sees, as well as tickets sold and tickets available. (This page is also where your viewers should congregate before you go live. After reserving a ticket, they will receive an email with the url for their records.) If you are using an encoder, you can find the necessary stream information below the ticket box. Don’t worry, this info is also visible on the player page if you didn’t arrive early for your event.

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Going Live

When it is time for you to go live, the event flyer will switch automatically to a player view. As the host, you must click the Start Broadcast button at the top of the player to go on-air. (If you are using an encoder, go live via that system, not the Start Broadcast button.) Try not to keep your viewers waiting! Viewers will not see you on the player until you click the button and go live. Live via encoder does not display a video for you (to avoid feedback), but if the top banner reads LIVE, rest assured that you are broadcasting to your fans!

Once you are on air, you can do all the things you would be able to on a normal broadcast, including Guesting, live chatting, and moderating. Remember to share using the Facebook and Twitter buttons, and ask your attendees to share, too!Event-Host-Live-

When your event is over, click the End Event button that replaces Start Broadcast (unless you are encoding— then use its functions). You can see your event stats right away and will receive the same information by email, for your records. You also have the option of making your event replay public.fullreplayoptions


After you have finished an event, we will generate a replay within a few hours (you will receive email confirmation when it is ready). Selecting “Private” means only you will have access to the event, through your Events dashboard where all replays are filed. Selecting “Public to Ticketholders” or “Public to Everyone” surfaces the replay on the event URL, for either ticketholders or anyone with URL access. As the host, you can also share your replay with anyone by downloading the file from your dashboard and distributing as you wish.EVENT-REPLAY-02-Noschedule

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