Broadcaster Tips: Live Streaming Best Practices

Live video is a powerful tool for connection and communication, but it is still pretty young. If you are new to the game, here are several tips to get the most out of your live broadcasting experience.

General Tips:

  • Platform– Make a video playlist for when you are off-air. Keep your Channel Updates up to date. Familiarize yourself with both the viewer and broadcaster experiences before you begin your own branded broadcasts.
  • Community– Go live at the same time as other channels to expand your audience. Give shout outs during your broadcasts to other channels you like. Incentivize audience participation with gifts, chat engagement, contests, or “homework.”
  • Broadcasting– Go live often and consistently, whether that be once a day, twice weekly, or every other Thursday night. Watch your first broadcasts to learn what works and what doesn’t, and develop a brand and a signature (like a catchphrase or action) that works for you.

Starting your broadcast:

  • Plan– Know what you are going to broadcast before you start. Have something to talk about or to show your audience, and know how long you want to dedicate to any one topic. Review your current social media analytics and plan to broadcast when your fan base is most engaged.
  • Look– Make sure you and your surroundings look your best. Pick up your laundry, turn on some lights, brush your hair (or don’t if you like that tousled look). Use the best camera you have and keep it stabilized. 
  • Sound– Try to broadcast from a space without much wind or background noise. Use the best microphone you have.
  • Channel– Include basic information and rules in your channel info so you don’t have to repeat them all the time. Use channel updates to let your audience know more specific information about an episode or project.
  • Connection– Broadcast only from places you know you have good internet service, and make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in. Also, be sure you share on other social media accounts what time you plan to broadcast, and auto-Tweet/post to Facebook when you go live! Use consistent, popular hashtags for your event, yourself, and your guests/topics.

During your broadcast:

  • Content– Give your episode an informative or eye-catching title. Introduce yourself, give an episode overview and a call to action so your audience knows what you expect from them. (Channel updates are another great place to keep this information so you don’t have to repeat for new viewers.) Attention spans are short, so watch your time and don’t ramble. If you have dense material, write it down and display it for your viewers to take a screenshot. With that said, don’t be afraid to pursue an interesting conversation if you are genuinely invested.
  • Audience– Welcome and greet your audience by name when they join in. Address non-live viewers and tell them when and where to find you so they don’t miss another broadcast.  Ask viewers to share with friends. For longer broadcasts, check in frequently with your audience. Say hello to new viewers and give them a short topic/discussion summary.
  • Platform– Don’t start talking right away (people connecting will miss your first words). Keep up with ongoing chat and engage the audience whenever possible by asking and answering questions, requesting opinions, or polling the viewers. Just remember not to stare at the chat feed in silence.

Ending your broadcast:

  • Sign Off– Thank viewers for joining you, especially if they subscribed or were very active in chat. Let them know when your next broadcast will be and what you will discuss. Don’t be afraid to check out your most active viewers’ channels and follow back!
  • Review– After you end your broadcast, review your episode in the Episode Library of your Dashboard (under the account options in the top right of your screen). You can download and edit your video, post it to YouTube and your playlist, or keep it for later.
  • Share– Post video links to your other social media sites, queue recent episodes in your playlist, and update your channel updates with your next broadcast time.

Thanks for learning about some broadcasting best practices. If you have a best practice tip, email us with the subject “Best Practice Tip.” Happy streaming!

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