Firetalk Features: Producer Role

Running a channel requires a lot of multitasking, from hosting to camera work to chat replies and moderation. With our new producer role, you don’t have to do it alone!

Adding someone to your channel as a producer is easy. Go to the “My Dashboard” tab in the dropdown menu below your profile photo and click on the Subscribers tab at the left of the screen (producers must be subscribed to your channel).producer2

From your Subscribers list, you can select those you want to have producer capabilities. Simply check the box next to their subscription information.producer3

When you add a producer to your channel, an indicator will appear on their profile, displaying which channels they are assigned to produce.

Your producers can enter channel updates and channel descriptions, edit the channel playlist, and moderate your chat stream, including blocking users. You can remove a producer at any time. A producer can leave the role for any channel by unsubscribing or asking the channel owner to remove them from the producer list.

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