Broadcaster Tips: Moderation Tools

Firetalk strives to be a friendly place for broadcasters and viewers alike. If you have any experience with the internet, though, you know that chats and comment sections can get nasty in a hurry. Don’t worry. Firetalk has solutions!

To avoid unwanted language or content in your live chat, there are a couple of tools you as a broadcaster can use:

  • You can delete any comment in the live chat stream of your channel simply by hovering over it and clicking the associated “x” to the right of the comment. You can moderate comments at any time, whether you are live or not.

    Hover and click the “x”
  • You can block a viewer by clicking on his or her name in the chat stream or in the viewers list. This opens a dialogue with profile and channel information. At the top is a slashed circle. Click it to block a user. You can review blocked users in the Channel Dashboard.

    Click the name on the chat stream or viewers list.
  • Other audience members can report inappropriate users, too, by clicking on the name as above and selecting “Report User.”

Firetalk is a safe place to meet friends and fans. Help us keep it that way with these moderation tools. If you need help, have an idea or have more questions, send us feedback or contact support here.