Broadcaster Tips: Guest Troubleshooting

(For the full Guest Tutorial, click here.)

If a viewer cannot join a broadcast, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot connection problems:

  • Make sure both you and your Guest are running Chrome or Firefox as your browser and are not using an encoder device/program.
  • If you have a subscription channel and cannot invite a guest, make sure they are subscribed to your channel.
  • If your guest is not able to accept your invite, it is most likely a permissions problem on their computer. Chrome asks users to allow or block a site from using a computer’s camera and microphone. If your guest blocks Firetalk at any point, they will have to reset the permissions before joining you. Here is a Google Support tutorial to change camera and microphone permissions in Chrome. If you are using Firefox, use this tutorial. For Firefox, it is important you click “Always allow” to use Firetalk most effectively.
  • If a manual permissions reset doesn’t work, try refreshing your cache or restarting your browser to prompt then permissions dialogue box.
  • Sometimes, your guest will not be able to join you because their connectivity is poor. This is a problem on their end and usually can be fixed by finding better wifi or connecting to the ethernet.
  • In order to make Guest Me manageable for broadcasters, the queue supports ten people only. If a viewer wants to be a guest but cannot join the queue or is not visible there, they will have to wait until other queue members drop out, are dismissed, or finish Guesting. Additionally, Guests cannot request more than once. However, they can type a request in chat and be brought in via their name/profile picture (see Guest tutorial).

When connectivity is poor on any side of a broadcast, from broadcaster to viewer to guest, participants may see an “Audio Only” notification/screen.

Audio Only view.

This feature lets the participant continue interacting with the discussion even if their video cannot connect, and will automatically update if connectivity improves.

Because “Audio Only” responds to the individual connection, there will be situations in which some viewers can see the broadcaster or Guest while others cannot, or even in which viewers can see a Guest but the broadcaster can’t. (If everyone except you can see a participant, your wifi is probably poor. If no one can see one of the participants, their connection is the bad one.) To avoid “Audio Only” participation, try to use the strongest internet connection at your disposal.

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