Firetalk Features: Guest

The Guest feature allows broadcasters to invite viewers on-air with them. It is a great way to hold interviews or meet and reward your most engaged fans. Guest mode is currently available on Firefox and Chrome only, for both broadcasters and viewers.

To invite a specific guest into your live broadcast, click the “Viewers” tab on the right side of your screen, next to the “Live Chat” tab open by default. In the “Viewers” tab, you can see everyone who is watching your channel and search specific users.

Choose a viewer.

Find the guest you want to invite, then click and drag their cam into the live stream. (You can also click on the name next to any comment in the live chat stream to invite a Guest on air.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.15.22 PM
Click and drag someone to join.

This will prompt a screen change for both participants. On the broadcaster’s end, the screen splits and a countdown initiates to let you know that your request has been made.

Broadcaster view of invitation to join broadcast.

On the guest’s end, the screen splits and a countdown initiates. They will also be asked to accept or decline the invitation, which they can do until the countdown runs out. (Depending on their computer’s privacy settings, they may also need to allow access to their camera and microphone.)  If the guest declines or does not accept before the countdown runs out, both screens will return to full size.

Guest view of invitation to join broadcast.

After your guest accepts the invitation, they will appear in the split screen for all of your viewers to see.

Guest conversation.

When you are finished speaking with your guest, click the “X” on their feed to take them off-air. The guest can do this for themselves as well. Your guest will be redirected to a thank you notification and return to watching your stream.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.49.43 AM
Thank you and redirect screen.


Guests can also send broadcasters a “Guest Me” request to join the live stream by clicking on the small camera icon below the chat stream, next to the gifts and smileys.

Click the camera to send a “Guest Me” request as a viewer

The first ten guests who send a “Guest Me” request will appear in the upper left of the broadcaster’s camera view, next to the yellow camera icon. (Please note: This is only visible to the broadcaster.)

Click the viewer from the queue with whom you wish to broadcast

Their requests will also appear in the chat stream. Simply click on the profile picture of the guest you wish to invite into your broadcast. Guests you invite from a Guest Me request will be removed from the queue to allow others to join. Guests cannot request via Guest Me more than once, but you can bring them on via their name/profile as above. To bring another queued guest on-air, click their profile picture or chat request as before. This will bump your previous guest from the screen.

You can also invite Guests to your broadcast when you are live on mobile! Click on the viewer count eye symbol and tap the person you want to bring on air. They will have 30 seconds to accept your request. It’s that simple.mobileguest

If you or your viewers are having trouble using Guest, check out our troubleshooting tips here.

Thanks for reading about how to use our Guest feature. If you would like a tutorial on another aspect of the Firetalk platform, email with the subject “Tutorial Suggestion.”Happy Streaming!

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