Broadcaster Tips: Using Encoders

Firetalk is proud to offer excellent Web-based broadcasting from personal devices and their associated audio/video equipment. For creators who need more advanced broadcasting capabilities while live streaming, one popular option is an encoder. Firetalk supports encoders on Event broadcasts only.

An encoder may be either a hardware device or a software app you install on your computer. Hardware options, while expensive, provide the best quality and are a good choice for “in the field” use. Software encoders require a computer connected to a video source such as a webcam or video camera and are an inexpensive solution. Encoders let you overlay text and music on your broadcast, along with other abilities.

If you are interested in broadcasting via encoder, make sure you do so through events. Please be aware that, as a live streaming site, we do not support channels that push prerecorded content in a live format via encoder. Such channels may need to be removed. To learn more about broadcasting via encoder for events, click here.