Broadcaster Tips: Channel Updates

Channel Updates is a great place to post links to articles, videos, or products you are promoting. You can also use it to let your audience know when you will broadcast next. 

To edit your channel updates, log on to your Firetalk account through a desktop or laptop device. Click the “Go Live” button near the top right corner of your screen.

Go Live.

This will bring you to your channel playback screen. (If you have already created a video playlist for when you aren’t broadcasting, it will be playing.)

Scroll down. Just below the video window, you will see a section titled “Channel Updates.”

Channel updates

Click the text field where it says, “Say something…” and enter whatever information you want (in 250 characters!).

Share information, add emojis, and post.

Click the smiley at the right side of the text field to find your favorite emojis. When you have finished your updates message, hit the “Post” button below your message. Your message will appear below with a timestamp, as well as in your live chat.

To edit or remove your message, hover over it in Channel Updates and click the pencil icon to the right. Editing or removing an update from the channel updates section does the same in your chat feed.

Edit updates.

You can list multiple channel updates at one time. They will display from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom. If you want to highlight one message in particular, hover over it and click the star next to the time stamp. This will bold that message and bring it to the top of your updates feed.

Highlight the most important information and it will stick to the top of your updates feed.

Thanks for reading about how to post channel updates. If you would like a tutorial on another aspect of the Firetalk platform, email us with the subject “Tutorial Suggestion.” Happy streaming!

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