Featured Channel: Nu-Radio

Hello Firetalk Family!

It’s been an exciting summer for us here at the Firetalk offices. Watching you create and interact through live video has been inspiring and rewarding. To thank our community for the dedication and energy you all put into making Firetalk great, we are launching Featured Channels to highlight some of our favorite channels and the people behind them.

Our first Featured Channel is (drum roll please):

Nu-Radio! 😀


Here is a little about Nu-Radio. Check out Marcel at firetalk.com/nuradio!

Name: Marcel

Channel Name: Nu-Radio (nu pronounced “new”)

Location: Vegas baby

Elsewhere: Nu-radio.com, Twitter, Blab

What do you enjoy most about live broadcasting?

Being live and out and about. I love interacting with people in real time and watching the amount of people who are watching me and interacting.

Who would your dream guest be on the show? What would you talk about?

Steve Jobs… I would talk about the things that made him tick.

What is your best Firetalk tip and/or your favorite feature?

My best tip is to get out in front of other people and in an exciting environment. My favorite feature is the ability to use the RTMP (real time messaging protocol) so you can have a much better live performance.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is, “You’ve got to be smart enough to know how dumb you are,” meaning if you are going to forget at least be smart enough to know that you must write it down.

What would your superhero alter ego be called and what would your power be?

My super ego—sorry, my super hero alter ego LOL—would be called Ham Man and my ability would be to talk to anyone at any time at any place 24 hours a day.

What about yourself makes you most proud?

What makes me most proud of myself is at a very young age I went into the United States Marine Corps and the skills, discipline and principles I learned there stay with me throughout my life.

Thank you for joining us for our first Featured Channel! Remember to find Marcel on Firetalk at firetalk.com/nuradio and create your own channel by hitting the “Go Live” button if you haven’t already. If you would like to suggest a question or nominate a channel you love for this feature, please email us with the subject “Featured Channel Nomination.”

Happy streaming!

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